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"By that boy..."

Two Conans -> Ran.
Two Rans -> Detective Boys.
Two Detective Boys -> Haibara  

If you are wondering where Kaito/KID is then keep playing! He shows up after you combine more people. 

BY: hagi

30 days Detective Conan gif Challenge
Day 23 ● Best Group
Detective Boys // Shounen Tanteidan

What? You’re all words. Do you even know, that the lives of every passenger are in my hands?! Stop acting so cool! You’re always away during the important times and all you do is call. And there are times when you’re finally here, but disappear unexpectedly. Every time… Always, always, leaving me behind, alone… What do you think I am?!
I… I love you, Shinichi!

Well then. See you later, milady. Maybe next time we can meet under the beautiful moonlight